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We are a Home Based Business.

Ida and Dave
[ Ida and Dave ]

When Dave was growing up, his neighbour had bees.

One day one of the neighbour's hives swarmed and landed in their cherry tree. Dave thought that, he would like to try keeping bees, because, he sure liked honey.

Swarm of bees
[ Swarm of bees in tree ]

He asked the neighbor if he could help him catch the swarm. The neighbour said yes, but was reluctant, because it's more work than you can imagine.

Later Dave wanted to take off the honey and was too impatient to wait, for the neighbour's help. He got an extension cord and the shop vac to blow the bees out of the hive.

His father was helping him and they just put a blanket over their heads for protection against bee stings. Well you can imagine what happened next. They both got stung really badly, and went running to the house with the bees following.

His first attempt at beekeeping was a total failure.

After finishing high school, Dave Gale attended Fairview College in Alberta. He took a Beekeeping Technician course in 1981 then apprenticed at commercial apiaries for 3 years. After that he came back to Ontario and started his own bee business.

Little did Dave know that his first encounter, with bees, would cause him to be in the business, over 30 years later.  

Currently 350 hives are managed in Middlesex, Oxford and Perth Counties.

Dave also worked as a Bee Inspector for 3 years under the Ministry of Agriculture and taught the Beekeeping Continuing Education course at Fanshawe College for 2 years.

Guess you can say he's been as busy as a bee!